Ship’s Blog

  • The Netherlands – Travel Blog (EN)
    This is a recap of all the blogs posted on our Polarsteps account during our journey in The Netherlands . For more accurate updates of our sailing trip please go to Polarsteps directly. Terneuzen03 August 2022 We left Antwerp around 08.30 AM along with my brother and cousin who sailed with us on the firstMeer lezen over “The Netherlands – Travel Blog (EN)”
  • One month afloat
    We have been living aboard for one month now. At times it feels like we have just started our adventure while on other days our previous life seems so far away.
  • Awaiting Freedom
    It wasn’t before I saw my first humpback whale in Iceland that I became (let’s say) ‘obsessed’ with marine mammals. How those big creatures move around in that enormous pool of water is quite mesmerizing. After Iceland, my first encounter with orcas happened in Canada. Those three big fins sticking out, a family swimming freelyMeer lezen over “Awaiting Freedom”



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