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Welcome to our webpage!
It’s so good to have you aboard.

We are Greg, Julie and Nelly, the El Burro crew. In August 2022 we moved aboard our 33ft sailing vessel El Burro to travel the world in a slow-paced manner. Check the ‘Explore‘ page to find our recommended restaurants, hiking trails, anchor spots and many more or follow our Polarsteps page to get more insights on our journey.

During our journey we want to not only get a better insight on sustainable living practices across the world but also use our sailing trip itself for a greater cause. Along the way, we want to clean rivers, beaches and oceans and gain more knowledge in general on the actual state of our oceans and the many beautiful creatures living in them.

Hop aboard and hope you like our adventures and that we inspire you to follow your dreams.

The El Burro Crew


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If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 

Ship’s Log

El Burro’s Electricity System

As we use more and more electrical devices on a boat, it’s very important to have a dependable setup. Generating energy is one of the most important but also limited factors on a boat. How do we charge our stuff aboard? Read more about our setup here.

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